Pacific Park is open everyday from 10am to 5pm EST (9am to 6pm EDST), except on race weekends (refer to the Calendar) and any nominated day by the Club in order to carry out Track work, Working Bees or Special Events held by the Club. Refer to the Track Status on the home page.


Fees for non-club members is $45.                                            


* Email:   


* Club Account details :   Holiday Coast Credit Union 

                                           BSB No:   721 000 

                                           Acc No:    100017602  


"Before" proceding to the track, all visitors must contact the President Jamie Barnes on 0428116033 to obtain a key to the track.



All AKA license's will be checked on AKA to insure all drivers are licensed and hold a current AKA License.

Your Practice Fees will be collected and you will be advised on any further relevant information.

Before you commence practice you MUST sign in on the Awesome Drive Terminal at Track, or online at Awesome  Drive - register


PROCEDURE – Practice 



Authorised by

Craig Rees

Date Authorised

26 October 2016

Revision Date



To ensure the Club is aware of who is present at the facility in real time and to mitigate risk associated with access to the facility


(Including Relevant Legislation)

Karting NSW Practice/Recreation Policy


PMKRC0001 – Practice Policy

Associated Documentation

Karting NSW Practice/Recreation Policy


PMKRC0001 - Port Macquarie Kart Racing Club Inc. Practice


Committee and Members



The aim of this procedure is to maintain the safety of the members and visitors whom practice at the Pacific Park Raceway. This procedure will assist with logging and identifying in real time whom is at the track practicing. This will give the opportunity to follow up on the safety of any member or visitor that hasn’t logged out of the track at the completion of practice.


This procedure will also identify the individual responsible for the safety and security of the track and facility.




1.       To access the track for practice each financial member will be issued with a key that will give them entry to the track,

2.       before you enter the track you must text Jamie on .

3.       In the text the following must be included;

4.       Name of person at the track,

5.       AKA Licence No for whom is practicing,

6.       The adult responsible for the practice and also sign the practice sheet.

7.       Adhere to the Karting NSW Practice Policy attached,


Upon conclusion of practice you must;


1.       If you opened the facility note that you have handed practice over to the next responsible person or secure the facility,

2.       Text the above number once you have locked the exit gate to state that you have left the track

3.        or that you have handed practice to (stating the individuals name),

4.       If practice has been handed over to you and you are last to leave, then follow steps 1 & 2.

Other Members

1.       If other parties present to the track for practice then they must text the above information,

2.       This information will be recorded in a log which will show that the Club has mitigated its risk by recording in real time whom is at the track,

3.       Karting NSW Practice Policy must be strictly adhered to with no deviations as you will not be covered under the club’s insurance.




1.       Visitors must arrange practice with the Club by 6pm the day before they wish to practice on 0428116033,

2.       Information on how to pay the $45.00 practice fee and the preference will be direct deposit into the clubs account,

3.       The direct deposit will identify the individuals name and the word “Practice” in the comments field,

4.       A member of the Club will meet you on site and if it is your first visit induct you onto the Pacific Park Raceway,

5.       A receipt will be issued for the practice fee received,

6.       You will need to show your AKA licence to the Club member,

7.       Strictly adhere to this procedure and the practice policy of KNSW (attached)


Karting is an enjoyable family orientated sport, the Port Macquarie Kart Racing Club Inc. will facilitate and uphold a positive atmosphere of a family Club that is supported with systems that maintain safety and mitigate risk to all participants.



Karting (New South Wales) Inc. State Policy



1.       A current Practice Permit is on display.  

2.       Where applicable, all key holders to sign the practice policy accepting the policy.

3.       Access is available to a fixed or mobile telephone and that emergency contact numbers are available for local emergency services.

4.       Appropriate flags and fire equipment be at the start grid.

5.       A responsible person is in attendance and that person to be 18 years old or older, to be non-participating in practice.

6.       An inspection of the track is carried out prior to karts using it (track walk).

7.       All drivers wanting to use the track are to have a current KA licence.

8.       Cadet 9 and Cadet 12 can practice together. 

9.       Seniors only together on the track.

10.    Drivers should present their swipe card to the person controlling practice prior to going onto the circuit.

11.    If the Competitor Management System is not accessible at the circuit then a Register for recording details of anyone practicing should be kept, a copy is included. This would be sent to the State Office for licence verification with the next race day’s paperwork.

12.    Any person who practices unlicensed will be referred to a disciplinary tribunal.

13.    Karts used in practice will comply with the current KA Manual.

14.    E Grade licence holders are only permitted to use:

Cadet 9 – Mini Rok Restricted/SW80/KT100J Restricted.

Cadet 12 – Mini Rok/KT 100J Restricted Juniors – KA100 Restricted/KT100J

Seniors – KA100/KT100J/KT100S or Tag 125 Restricted.


□ I have read/or someone has read the above to me and I agree to abide by this procedure. I also understand that not abiding by this procedure will see the forfeiture of my key to the facility.