* Press Release - Insurance *

The Public and Products Liability policy that has been put in place for Port Macquarie Kart Racing Club Inc. is effective from 1st October 2015 to 1st October 2016 and covers all members, licence holders, officials and volunteers for the following activities:


Principally to administration, organizing, preparation and conducting of Kart racing, official practice sessions, educational programmes, 'come and try' days, declared working bees, declared fund raising events, declared corporate days, declared dealers 'come and try' days, static displays, property owners, lessors, lessees, activities including tuition, instructional training.


Interest Insured: The Insured's legal liability for third party Personal Injury and/or Property Damage claims arising our of or in connection with their activities.


The cover was placed by Trans-West Insurance Brokers who as many would be aware were the Broker for AKA for a period of 10 years before the account was moved to another Broker in 2013.

The liability cover arranged for Port Macquarie Kart Racing Club Inc. mirrors up to $20,000,000 of the policy that is currently held by Karting Australia (a policy that was originally put in place by Trans-West Insurance Brokers).

Pieter Versluis, Sam Sofi and Jane Laybutt of Trans-West Insurance Brokers are more than happy to address any persons questions or concerns and can be contacted on 02 9601 7166.