Change of practice regulations

Practice Procedures have now changed. 
You are now able to obtain a key to the track by calling one of the following committee members and providing your KA licence.
Allan Smith 0412929232
Craig Rees 0418658800
Steve Edwards 0418978672
Alison Green 0410606466
All Karting Australia Licence holders are welcome to practice at Port Macquarie Kart Racing Club Inc. 
*Only if you hold a K.A licence and there is 2 or more people present and 1 being 18 years and over.
This is a compulsory rule.
  Monday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm.
* Please check the web site or Facebook before you arrive that there isn't any prior arranged events on.
*All drivers and Pitt crew must follow the rules in the current Karting Australia Manual.
*All Drivers must sign the attendance book on arrival before commencing any Kart    Driving. If you are a "junior" the book must also be signed by a parent or guardian which  is 18yrs  and over.
*The sign on book is located at the top of the grid, within a silver box, on the corner of the  fence.
*All Juniors practicing must be accompanied by an 18yrs and over Guardian or parent.
*Note all unlicensed drivers are not allowed to practice, as they are not covered by the clubs insurance, nor Karting Australia.
*All practice sessions are in 10 min intervals, unless you have been instructed by an official.  
Thank you