2009 NSW Junior Challenge - Series Trophies

The Series trophies for the top 5 place-getters in each class for the 2009 NSW Junior Regional Challenge are now available. We apologize for the confusion on the day, however all the trophies are now engraved with the place-getters name and class.

All trophies will be presented at the final club round on Sunday 29th November 2009. Please advise the club if you are unable to attend this meeting and we will endeavor to get the trophies to you.

After taking on board all the feedback from competitors, the format for the 2010 Junior Challenge will be revised to create an atmosphere in which competitors can display all their talent in a spirit of fairness where everyone benefits.

Fair play should always be at the forefront of any sport. It does not, however, only apply to competitors, it's a collaborative effort: officials must enforce the rules fairly, parents must respect officials decisions and condemn unsporting behaviour. But above all, parents must assume their responsibilities and remind competitors of the importance of fair play and setting a good example, especially for the juniors. This principle should be applied both to sport and life in general. A win-at-all-costs mentality must be avoided and emphasis must be placed on honesty and integrity rather than individual qualities and flaws, or defeat and success.

We look forward to a bigger and brighter championship in 2010 and hope to see you all there.