Hayden Buchanan

Driver Profile

Name: Hayden Buchanan

D.O.B: 15 August 1994

Occupation: Student – very studious

Interests: Watching any motorsport, playing cricket & food

Class: Senior National Light

Brand of kart: Arrow

Race Number: 15

When did you start racing go karts? 2004 – Age 9

How do you prepare for a race? Eat!

Most respected karter: All the local karters – even Nathan – even though he tries to knock me off

Favourite track: Grafton & Manning are fun to drive on but Raleigh, Port or Tamworth are good to race because of overtaking opportunities

Career highlights: Pacific Coast Title 2010 – MTA Series 2010 and 2nd in Junior Challenge 2010

Latest race results: 5th at Tamworth State Cup

Hopes for the rest of the season: To do well in State Cup Series and win as many other races as possible.